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These Terms of Service (“Terms”) constitute a legally binding agreement (“Agreement”) between Channel Partner and governing access to and use of the website, including any subdomains thereof, and any other websites through which makes the services available (collectively, “Site”), our mobile, tablet and other smart device applications, and application program interfaces (collectively, “Application”) and all associated services. Your use of the Website, Application and/or agreement signed (either electronically or otherwise) is an acknowledgment that you have reviewed the Terms and Conditions listed at page and agree to comply with these Terms. reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time in accordance with this provision. If we make changes to these Terms, we will post the revised Terms on the We will also provide you with notice of the modifications by email when they become effective. If you disagree with the revised Terms, you may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect but subject to lock in period. If you do not terminate your Agreement before the date the revised Terms become effective, your continued access to or use of the will constitute acceptance of the revised Terms.

Channel Partner alone shall be responsible for identifying, understanding, and complying with all laws, rules and regulations that apply to their Business/Shops. Channel Partner shall be alone responsible for identifying and obtaining any required licenses, permits, or registrations for any services they offer. Channel Partner understands that certain types of services may be prohibited altogether and penalties may include fines or other enforcement.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY has through the investment of considerable time and money developed a unique and distinctive system of creating a network of high-quality budget shopping and connecting such network of local market to potential customers in a large scale under the mark “EDIOTSS” which are directed towards promoting the network Channel Partner in a manner that will enhance the goodwill associated therewith. identifies local business/shops to implement systems to enable them to transform and be a part of internet ecosystem. Upon being satisfied that a business/shop meets the standards prescribed by, lists and promotes the business/shop on the website. The Channel Partner agrees that it enjoys promotional advantage on being associated with website and in this regard authorizes the Channel Partner to use the Mark “EDIOTSS”. The Channel Partner undertakes not to do anything to prejudice or damage the goodwill in the Marks or the reputation of If the Channel Partner becomes aware of any infringement of the Marks by any other party trading with Marks similar or identical to the Marks, the Channel Partner shall immediately notify the thereof in writing. The Channel Partner agrees in order to protect the Ediotss’s intellectual property rights and maintain the common identity and reputation of the network, the Channel Partner must comply with quality specifications laid down by from time to time. Any breach by Channel Partner in respect thereof may cause irreparable harm and injury to and its intellectual property.

The Channel Partner shall use all reasonable endeavors to conceive and develop new and improved methods of carrying out the Business and improvements in operating procedure and other additions or modifications to the existing technology. The Channel Partner agrees to disclose fully any Improvements to and shall determine the feasibility and desirability of incorporating them into’s website. Channel Partner agrees and acknowledges that in order to improve visibility of their business/shop on website and or any other websites, at its own expense shall have the right to click and upload pictures of the Channel Partner’s Business/shop during the validity of this Agreement. It is understood and agreed by the Partner that the intellectual property rights for all such images shall rest solely with and in no way claims/guarantees with respect to the performance or salability of the business/shop on account of the inclusion of the aforementioned pictures on’s website and or any other websites.


INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY grants to the Channel Partner during the period of this Agreement and subject to the terms and conditions hereof the permission to (i) be listed on, to market or promote or connect with the customers by associating with the Mark “EDIOTSS”. The Channel Partner agrees that at all times during the term of this Agreement it will assist give an assured discount to the customer with the physical card of Premium Membership after verifying member’s name with any ID issued by the government of Bharat. The Channel Partner acknowledges that in order to facilitate the completion of website’s obligations under this Agreement and other similar agreements, has the right to list the Channel Partner within its network as “EDIOTSS” on the website. The Channel Partner shall provide its services to the Premium Membership Customers independently as per the operating standards as prescribed by The Channel Partner shall be solely responsible for providing the services to the customers. Once a customer shows the physical Premium Membership Card with the Mark of “EDIOTSS” issued by with the ID issued by the government of Bharat , the Channel Partner is under an obligation to honor such customer with an additional discount. In the event, the Channel Partner is unable to honor the Premium Customer for any unforeseeable circumstances, the Channel Partner shall provide a penalty of twice the discounted amount Premium Customer was elegible for within 24hrs after complaint. If Channel Partner fails to honour the Premium Member Customer the agreement will be discontinued with any further notification.

Due to the nature of the Internet, website does not guarantee the continuous and uninterrupted availability and accessibility of the website. may restrict the availability of the website or certain areas or features thereof, if this is necessary in view of capacity limits, the security or integrity of our servers, or to carry out maintenance measures that ensure the proper or improved functioning of the website. may improve, enhance and modify the website and introduce new website from time to time.

Channel partner will maintain, at all times during the term of this contract, full ownership of the shop and the business now or hereafter conducted therein or there from (or, if Channel partner’s right and interest in the Property is derived through a lease, concession or other agreement, the Channel partner shall keep and maintain such lease, concession or other agreement in full force and effect at all times throughout the term of the contract) free and clear of any lien, mortgage, charge or any other encumbrance.
In case if Channel partner changes the address of the business/shop need to inform to update the information on priority. Channel partner shall, at its own cost and expense, pay and discharge when due any property rents (including lease rents) and other rental payments, concession charges and any other charges payable in respect of the Property and undertake and prosecute all actions including appropriate actions, judicial or otherwise, required to assure quiet and peaceful possession and management of operations of the business/shop during the term of the contract.

A wise man said “A SATISFIRD CUSTOMER IS THE BEST BUSINESS STRATEGY” hence is committed to connect online customers with the offline business, hence business/shops must assure customer satisfaction on priority and the customers who have a pleasant experience in one shop/business prefer choosing an over other cities time after time. What makes this possible is our continued joint commitment to ensuring that customers have a great experience at every Channel Partner using the Mark “EDIOTSS”, that makes them recommend and positively review us. This is only possible when Channel Partners strictly uphold the high quality, service levels, and experience that customers have come to expect of us.

At, customer experience is a priority and the company is committed to ensuring that all customers at the shop/business and all Channel Partner shops/business are able to have a pleasant and delightful experience. In case of any inconsistencies, will go out of its way to make amends with respect to customer experience. The objective here is thus to minimize situations where either the business/shop or the customer are at the receiving end of a poor review or unsatisfactory customer experience.


Suspension of Listing
Channel Partner’s business/shop maybe removed for the website under the circumstances listed below;
(i) Any civil or criminal or tortious acts, commissions and omissions by the Channel Partner its employees, representatives, independent contractors;
(ii) Any inquiry / investigation against Channel Partner which is pending with the law enforcement agencies or any government department;
(iii) Risk of safety or security of customers, representatives, officials including but not limited to threat or assault;
(iv) the hotel has a continued low customer experience score;
(v) Shop/business property is undergoing renovation;
(vi) Breach / violation of contractual obligations.


This Agreement is confidential in nature and shall not be disclosed by the Parties to any other third person except as otherwise required by law. During the performance of its obligations under this Agreement, the business/shops and its employees, officers, agents, proprietors, directors, shareholders, stakeholders (“Representatives”) may have access to Confidential Information of, which shall be kept fully confidential by the business/shops and its Representatives. The business/shops shall execute necessary non-disclosure agreement with its Representatives and take any other steps that it would reasonably take to protect such confidential information. The obligation under this provision shall survive termination or expiration of this Agreement.

RIGHT TO INSPECT shall have a right to undertake periodic audits/ surprise checks to ensure that the Channel Partner is adhering to the standards of from time to time. shall have a right to conduct such audit without prior notice and through mystery customers. The Channel Partner shall not object to such audits and challenge the findings based on the fact that no prior notice was given for such audit.


The Channel Partner shall not assign this Agreement to any third party without’s prior written consent. In the event there is a change in the control or management of the Channel Partner, the Channel Partner shall inform in writing and shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement with immediate notice in such case.


The term of this Agreement shall be valid and binding upon the Parties for a period of 5 years from the date of acceptance of Agreement. The Agreement will be considered to be automatically renewed for another 5 years unless terminated by either Party in accordance with the Terms of this Agreement.


Channel Partner acknowledges and covenants to not employ or engage in child labour and/or bonded labour and shall at all times remain compliant with all local legislations applicable to it’s business operations including but not limited to labour laws.

Channel Partner ensures it shall and all its officers, employees and agents maintain compliance with laws relating to Sexual Harassment at workplace and human trafficking and crimes against women and children at all times.

Channel Partner should ensure it shall and all its officers, employees and agents do not use, possess distribute, sell or be under the influence of illegal drugs and/or alcohol on its Hotel premises and maintains strict compliance with all local legislations and rules in this respect.

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