To build an authentic local demand-supply network between business and customers.

Every passing year chaos many opportunities our way each giving us a chance to think beyond the boundaries of comfort and do something good!!!

BHARAT – An ancient civilization, youth percentage, and full of vitality are constantly growing and renewing itself. Hence, EDIOTSS creating opportunities where every individual invests his skills to perform an economic activity. We share certain common characteristics that include the ability to work hard, desire to succeed, innovativeness, risk-taking, and a vision. We always seize the right business opportunity. The entrepreneurship process is associated with uncertainty especially at the time of introducing something new to the world. The real question to be considered is whether a market exists and if it does, does it exist for us??

Up to 1850, the major economic & commercial development in Bharat centred on the growth of the British private enterprise. The railways were introduced in 1853 and they transformed the Bharat economy. After 55 years, the SWADESHI campaign began in 1905. The purpose was to encourage the Bharat industries and to promote their interest. In the 19th & 20th century British had shattered the economy of Bharat, raw material from Bharat were sent to England to be used by British industrialists and manufacturers. As a result, Bharatiya craftsmen were rendered jobless & idle. 

After 42 years, in the year 1947, Britishers left Bharat but we were under the control of the western cultured government who liked Bharat over Bharat. Post-independence the revolution in industrialization is just to sell our minerals to foreigners and buy manufactured products at very high prices. No initiative for SWADESHI or MADE-IN-Bharat as a result after 72 years of independence we are slaves of western culture and products.

ATMANIRBHAR-Bharat is the only key to the country’s economic development and the Government of Bharat, through its policies, has concentrated on development. The 21st century has just begun in 2020 after the outbreak of coronavirus draining worldwide lives and the economy. Hence it is not only our responsibility but also an opportunity to do something for the NATION. The least one can do is start using SWADESHI.

Today we must keep our eyes on the broad horizon ahead and dedicate ourselves for the dreams of our freedom fighters infused, with the conviction that Bharat’s historical journey will always move forward.

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